What is the difference from North Goa & South Goa?

There might be no better place in the world to be lazy than on one of Goa’s spectacular beaches. With palm-tree groves on one side of the white sands and gently lapping waves on the other, the best of the beaches live up to your image of a tropical paradise. Whether time is of the essence or you’ve weeks (or even months) to spend in Goa, locating the perfect beach is the secret to making the best of your stay. Goa’s beaches vary dramatically in character within short distances, and whether you’re looking for backpacker-filled beach huts, silent sands or party people, you’ll find what you’re after…as long as you know where you’re headed. North Goa is home to the backpacker, party and package-tourist action, though you’ll also find plenty of solitude between the sun-tanners. South Goa conceals some of the state’s best beaches, great for picnicking and paddling.

What documents are required for going on a trip? (Foreign Tourists Only)

Leaving out of Goa, on a overnight tour, be sure to bring a photocopy of the passport and visa (or original passport), these documents are required at check-in. We also suggest taking these documents are going on day trips. In addition, make sure that your insurance has always been with you.

Can I return the tour tickets?

Return Policy tour ticket
1. Tourists are issued on hands excursion ticket, without being that, the tour will be denied service.
2. The refusal (cancellation, cancellation) tours – available without penalty, if the tourist abandoned no later than two business days prior to the tour.
3. If the refusal was followed less than 48 hours before the start of the tour, will be refunded 50% of the cost.
4. If the tourist canceled (refused, annulled) excursion less than 24 hours before its start, the tourists kept a fine of 100% of the cost of the tour.
5. Absence, delay or failure of the tourist excursions equivalent to cancellation.
6. If the failure arose because of a sudden illness tourist, and there is a doctor’s opinion, passed in the office 24 hours before the start of the tour, returning 100% of the tour.
7. Any changes or waivers of excursions to be transferred to the office no later than 18:00 pm on the day before the tour.
8. In case of cancellation or replacement tours excursion ticket must be returned to the guide. If the ticket is not presented, payback is not carried out.

The presence of a tourist excursion ticket means that a tourist is familiar with the rules and agree to the terms of excursions.

Packed Food

In places like Dudhsagar water falls where the destination is in forest area and taking the time travel in consideration the food may not be hot or warm

Elephant Ride / Elephant Wash

Please bear in mind we organize the tours only and we are in no way responsible for the way elephants are treated.

Boat Trips

All our boat trips are subject to weather conditions as your safety is our first priority.

Tour rates and currencies

The rates of international currencies like  pounds, euro, dollars etc may vary from mentioned on website or print as per that days exchange rate, or prevailing rate in Indian rupees.

Snorkeling / Swimming / Monkey Beach

The visibility of water depends on weather and currents the organisers are not responsible .

Monkey beach is a public beach, Organisers  cannot control number of visitors

Travelling time during tours

It is our utmost concern and lookout to make your journey comfortable and hassle free, but due to unforeseen and traffic issues their may be / may not be a delay in timings of the tours or in between stops.


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