Crocodile Dundee

With Bird Watching

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Go by boat to this exotic hippie’s market of 60’s, get panoramic view of famous beaches.

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This tour operates only on Sunday & Thursaday


Mugger crocodiles in Goa exist only in two locations one in Opa River and another in the brackish waters of Cumbarjua.

1300/ Person

We did a couple of trips with the company rep, but then discovered John’s Boat Tours. They were a third of the price, more suited to our needs and I have to say better equipped than the more expensive Rep’s versions. BIG BONUS we even got picked up on time and didn’t have to wait 40 minutes in the heat like the other tours!

Andrew J Bolton, United Kingdom

I love discover the world !

Crocodile spotting in Goa is for the adventurous lot, who would like to get on board of one of John’s traditional or modern boats. You can enjoy the thrilling experience of getting close to crocodiles in their natural setting without disturbing them at all. John’s Boat Tours offers crocodile spotting tour in Goa which doubles up as a river cruise through the backwaters of Goa.

Spending years of research and field trips, John Rodrigues has come to know that Mugger crocodiles in Goa exist only in two locations one in Opa River and another in the brackish waters of Cumbarjua. The huge, deadly looking crocodiles with dagger-like teeth are seen in the wild, right here in Goa in the narrow creek that intrudes into the thick mangrove jungle near the small village of Cumbarjua. John guides the boat through Mandovi River and follows the water channels till Zuari River. You will pass along the swampy, marshlands of Chorao Island as you progress on your crocodile watching trip in Goa.

John takes you to Cumbarjua Canal. This Canal is the link that connects the Zuari and the Mandovi River. This 15km long canal is the best place for crocodile spotting in Goa. Called ‘mugger’ locally, they are pretty harmless unlike their salt-water cousins who prey on livestock and sometimes humans. It is believed that about 100 years ago, some of these crocodiles were floated in the waters to keep away enemies.

The Cumbarjua canal and river holds many a charm- the meandering river, the whispering mangrove, the wild crocodiles, peregrine falcon or the white collard kingfisher and a variety of butterflies that have drawn many tourists, travelers and nature lovers to the bio-diversity that exists here.



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    Tour Duration

    This tour takes approximate 4 hours

  • Tour Days

    This tour operates only on Sunday & Thursaday

  • Pick Up & Drop Time

    8.15am – Baga & Arpora, 8.30am – Calangute, 8.45 – Old Goa

  • Waiting Period

    Vehicle will wait for only 5 mins at each pickup point

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    No lunch

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    Free Beers, mineral Water & Soft drinks

  • Tour Charges

    Adults  1300/-  Children between ages 3 & 8 years  700/-


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